Whole30 Day 3

It’s done!  Today was full of burrito bowls and Fajitas and I am definitely okay with it! 

Breakfast was simply scrambled eggs.

Lunch was Chipotle!!!!  I got a bowl with double meat, as the carnitas are compliant, lettuce, guacamole, and lots of fresh tomato salsa.  Soooo flipping good.   
Post workout (back), we made fajitas!  I stir fried flank steak, green and red peppers, and red onions with compliant fajita seasoning from my local grocery store. Note that my fiancé is not on whole30 and I resisted the wonderful, warm, tortilla.

  If I had to eat one meal for the rest of my life it would be a steak burrito bowl with tons of pico and guac. 
And here’s a quick cute adorable of my puppy acting like a bartender.  Vizslas, I tell you. 


Happy Birthday Kingsley!

Our puppy is 1 today!


His first year has flown by.  We have been so blessed to have such a perfect puppy.  I’ve never met a dog as happy as Kingsley…or as clumsy.


He’s only ran into a tree once, a tiki torch once, and a bird feeder once.  (He just gets going so fast, and his legs for days don’t necessarily stop!).

Vizsla’s are the ultimate velcro dog.  Kingsley has to be near/attached to us at all times.  Don’t mind that he weighs 60 pounds.  Kings will be on your lap, or on your face within seconds.


70% of the time, he’s silly, and goes at about 100 miles an hour.


20% of the time, he’s being “sneaky.”


10% of the time, he’s an absolute ham.


I never thought I would be a big dog person.  And then this silly, little, stinker happened.




So excited to be his “real” mom in less than a year!!!