What the heck are Essential Oils?

Plants are everywhere.  They have so many uses, from just being beautiful, to purifying the air, and to being eaten.   We rely on plants for everything, just as essential oils rely on plants to exist.  IMG_0858

Essential oils are extracted straight from plants.  In fact, they take the best properties of the plant and make them into something that can be used by us humans.  Plants have so much value to us, and are so intertwined with so many products we use in our daily life.  However, it’s the things that are added to the products, the synthetics, the chemicals, that ruin the pure essence of plants.  Essential oils don’t do that.  They embody the purest part of the plant and are highly concentrated drops of amazingness.  These pure oils can be applied topically, ingested, or inhaled.  They stimulate our body, help our body heal, and improve our mood.   Essential oils have so many powerful properties.   They are complex and consist of hundreds of wonderful properties.  They can be aromatic, kill viruses, or bacteria.

The oils I use are created by Young Living.  Young Living is the only essential oil distributor that controls EVERY single aspect of their production.   They control every aspect, from the birth of the seed, to the farms on which they grow, to the production process, and the distilling.  This is the Seed to Seal process.  Young Living ensures that their products are 100% pure.   I feel confident in buying this product because I know that Young Living controls everything that touches their product.  I can’t guarantee that about any oil bought elsewhere, or from your local grocery store or health market.


Because of the complexities of oils, they have to be used SAFELY!  The labels on the bottle are always to be read.  Don’t just apply them without checking if they need diluted (mixed with a carrier, like Coconut oil, sweet almond oil, etc.).  Do not ingest them unless the label says you can and you know how your body will react.  (I typically only ingest the citrus oils, like Lemon, Orange, and Grapefruit).  If you ingest them, you likely only need one drop!  Oils are so powerful, and you have to see how your body reacts.  It’s totally normal to go through a detox when you start using oils.  Your body is adjusting and may be sensitive to them.  You may have to start slow, and gradually build yourself up to what you need.  For example, I only diffused an oil for half an hour when I first started, and then I upped it to 3-4 hours a night as I felt comfortable with how my body was reacting.

Essential Oils have been used for centuries.  They were around in the time of Jesus.  Remember, the wisemen brought him Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh! Cool!  There are historical records dating back to 4500 BC showing the use of oils aromatically for the medical, spiritual, and physical properties!

Young Living pays tribute to the gloriousness of our God by creating pure, wonderful, products that take the best of his world and make them into something we can use to live a more healthful life.   I am loving my life since I’ve started using oils.  I’m using them rather than turning to my medicine cabinet for every little thing.  I’m constantly bookmarking new ways to make house cleaning incorporate essential oils.  Seriously, I’m looking for any reason to make pure cleaners, and not rely on the store bought crap that is full of harsh chemicals and teratogens that harm our body.  It’s nuts to think that something as simple as lemon, is not only effective at cleaning sticky residue off windows, and scrubbing my shower, but it’s also pure, and will not harm my body by inhaling it.


If you are interested in learning more about essential oils, please leave a comment or email me at kelsileeEO@gmail.com.  If you want to know what is the best way to get started with essential oils, check out my Premium Starter Kit page!

I would LOVE to hear from you and share all the oily goodness I can.

*Disclaimer* The information in this class has not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. Please be aware that this information is provided to supplement the care provided by your physician. It is neither intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice.

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