DIY Linen and Pillow Spray!

So, I love diffusing oils at night. Usually, I diffuse Lavender and Cedarwood.  Both smell great, and are known to help people relax (which this law student in the midst of finals absolutely needs).  But I’ve been trying to incorporate  relaxing aromas into non-nighttime things too. I’m slowly in the process of gathering new cleaning supplies for the move, and decided to make some linen spray to spray my bed with at night.  It’s also a great thing to spritz the air with! 

 So, I finally ordered glass bottles of all kinds.  I ordered glass because certain oils will eat at plastic.  I ordered mine off Amazon, but there are various other aromatherapy stores that sell them online too.  With all these jars, it was time to make something! I had minimal time, what with needing to study for evidence.  So, without further ado: 

It is super simple, and you can switch it out for whatever oils you prefer.  I chose these two because I want to spray them on my pillows and use oils that help me sleep.


  • 20 drops Lavender
  • 12 drops Cedarwood
  • Water to the top of your desired spray bottle

Shake well and enjoy! I used a 16oz spray bottle for mine! Keep in a dark, cool, place! 


Next up: Allergy roller and a cream of some kind! 

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Drake Relays and PanAway

Today, I ran in the Drake Relays with my family.  I only ran the 5k, which was about all my body could handle.  I’ve been focusing much more on lifting, than I have on cardio.  I was slower than a turtle running through peanut butter, but I finished.  It was a beautiful day!  I love that my family runs races and tries to live an active lifestyle.  We don’t care about fitness level, nor do we care about time.  Some of my family members ran the 5k or 10k, and others walked.  I did walk twice, but was pretty happy with that for not having ran since February.  My knee was flaring up too, so I didn’t want to completely over do it.

When I got home, my legs were on fire, and my knee was killing me.  It gets achy after runs.  I think doing a ton of leg days recently has irritated it a bit, as well.  Squats are my favorite, though!

Cue, PanAway:

PanAway is made up of peppermint, wintergreen, and helichrysum.  It feels cold when you first rub it on, and then warms up, and makes your skin feel tingly.  It’s similar to an OTC sports rub, many athletes use, except that this has ingredients in it I can pronounce and feel comfortable using.  I rubbed a few drops on my knee, and then on the tops of my thighs.  My mom has been using it on her foot, as she has tendonitis.    It just feels great, and all that mint does some magic.  It’s also a gem at minor headaches.  I rub a few drops on my temples, and feel relief in a few minutes.   This is another of my favorites from the Premium Starter Kit!

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Happy Birthday Kingsley!

Our puppy is 1 today!


His first year has flown by.  We have been so blessed to have such a perfect puppy.  I’ve never met a dog as happy as Kingsley…or as clumsy.


He’s only ran into a tree once, a tiki torch once, and a bird feeder once.  (He just gets going so fast, and his legs for days don’t necessarily stop!).

Vizsla’s are the ultimate velcro dog.  Kingsley has to be near/attached to us at all times.  Don’t mind that he weighs 60 pounds.  Kings will be on your lap, or on your face within seconds.


70% of the time, he’s silly, and goes at about 100 miles an hour.


20% of the time, he’s being “sneaky.”


10% of the time, he’s an absolute ham.


I never thought I would be a big dog person.  And then this silly, little, stinker happened.




So excited to be his “real” mom in less than a year!!!


Let’s talk about one of my favorite oils: Lavender.

This is my go-to oil, as is Peppermint.  It’s calming, peaceful, and makes you feel balanced.   I like to diffuse 2-3 drops of Lavender, with St031_macro-product_thehappyoilsress Away, Cedarwood, or Peace and Calming at night to get sound sleep!  I’m out like a rock when I use this oil.  Last night, I didn’t feel like diffusing it because I was exhausted and lazy, and instead rubbed it on my wrists and neck.  I have learned to not diffuse this when studying, because my body just wants to sleep, and I have fallen asleep multiple times.

This oil comes in the Premium Starter Kit along with a few lavender samples. I carry the samples with me at school, even though I know now that I can’t study with it on me.  Someday, I may want to nap at my carrel, who knows?

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me: