COTM Group 107!

Hey ladies!  This post is for the members of COTM Group 107! Please let me know if you have any questions!

First things first, a good overview of Essential Oils and what they are can be found at my team’s website/class  The password is in the facebook group 🙂  Hover over the picture for information and click to move on to the next “lesson”.  The class focuses on some of the more popular oils which are included in the Premium Starter Kit.


There are 2 ways to purchase oils:

  1. Retail – with retail you can purchase individual oils and do not need to commit to a kit purchase.  This may be the best option for you guys since we are a $25 dollar group!
  2. Wholesale/Member – You must purchase a kit, but you forever get 24% off Young Living products, and access to a wonderful community of oilers.  I also send you the Happy Oils Handbook, an 84 page e-book filled with recipes, testimonials, and tons of information.


The Premium Starter Kit truly is the best deal.  11 oils, a diffuser, samples, product guides and literature, Ningxia Samples, the Happy Oiler Handbook (my gift to you), and a wonderful facebook community (it’s like a party every single day) for $160. 


The Premium Starter Kit has a retail value of $343, but you can get it for $160.


It comes with a high quality diffuser (you can pick your own!).  I diffuse Lavender and Cedarwood nightly to promote restful sleep, and I diffuse Purification when I’m cleaning to zap smells and clean the air!10983164_10205937048483554_8836941244135771639_n

Here’s a brief overview of the oils in the PSK and then I will recommend my favorite top 20 oils in the group’s price range if you would rather purchase as retail!


Thieves – the healthy-keeper. It helps kill airborne yuckies, boosts immunity, makes our digestive systems work their best, and is just the greatest.

Purification – gets rid of bad odors and airborne germs. feels amazing rubbed on the outside of your throat. I love it in our laundry!

Copaiba – supports body’s response to injury/irritation, is a driving oil (enhances other oils!), regulates my natural immune responses, can be soothing, promotes youthful appearance from the inside out

Frankincense – Incredible for my skin and immune system, eases occasional and minor tension/anxiety, promotes feelings of calmness and balance (Was given to baby Jesus as a gift. Rad!) 🎉

RC – contains 3 different kids of eucalyptus which have naturally occurring eucalyptol (really good stuff), inspires and uplifts before working out, creates a comforting environment

DiGize – supports a super healthy digestive system, alleviates nausea and upset/sour stomach, great for occasional irregularity or upset tummies, relief from occasional heartburn

Lemon – naturally highlights hair, maintains energy levels, helps oily skin, calluses, cellulite, detoxing your body. The works!

Stress Away – exactly what it says. We roll it onto our wrists and the back of our necks anytime we want it.

Peppermint – helps me enjoy springtime outdoors, Soothes occasional head discomfort, supports digestive system, promotes proper nasal and respiratory function! I’m obsessed.

Panaway – so many types of relief. Helps with occasional head discomfort, everyday joint and muscle soreness, and that time o’ month cramp suckiness.

Lavender – “the Swiss Army knife of essential oils.” We use it for enjoying the springtime outdoors. great for relaxation, sleepy cream, a calm environment for kids & grownups alike.


Don’t want to purchase a kit?  That’s okay! You can sign up as a retail member and I can add you to the Fresh Slice Facebook group so that you can learn more fun stuff about oils! 


A List of 20 oils/YL Products for about $25 dollars or less and what I recommend them for:

  1. Lavender – $30.92
    1. Perfect for creating a calming environment.  You can rub it on your chest or on your kid’s feet to get them to wind down at night.  It’s also great at soothing skin and smells so wonderful in a linen spray (Water + 15-20 drops of lavender)
  2. Cedarwood – $14.80
    1. Also great for a calming environment and has much the same uses as lavender.  It smells woodsy! You can also add it to shampoo or mascara to promote hair growth!  (1 drop per ounce)
  3. Awaken – $26.97
    1. It does what you think it does! I like to rub it on my wrists, and on the back of my neck to get moving in the morning!
  4. Purification – $24.67
    1. I LOVE THIS OIL.  I put a few drops on a damp washcloth and dry it with towels.  It prevents that musty smell, and makes it all smell so good.  You can also use it to get rid of stink in shoes.  Place a few drops on a cotton ball and put in shoes overnight.
  5. R.C. -$13.49
    1. This is an invigorating blend that includes Cypress, Spruce, and three varieties of Eucalyptus, that is comforting when applied to the chest and throat.  Perfect oil for boosting immunity with school being back in session
  6. Breathe Again Roll On – $28.62
    1. Comes in a convenient roll on bottle and can be applied to the chest and neck.  Perfect for those stuffy, seasonal times of the year!
  7. Thieves Household Cleaner – $28.95
    1. Concentrated cleaning formula with 100% plant and mineral based ingredients. I LOVE MY THIEVES CLEANER.  I’ve had it for 3 months, and you only use it a capful at a time.  It stretches forever.  I’ve since replaced all conventional cleaner, laundry detergents, and dish soaps.  Instead I use Thieves.  Also.  It smells like Christmas.   It can get wine out of carpet, and so much more!
  8. Fennel – $22.70
    1. Supports women’s health, and a healthy digestive system.  Also supports breastfeeding.
  9. Eucalyptus Radiata – $24.34
    1. I put 5 drops on my shower floor every morning.  It makes my bathroom smell fabulous, helps with a well functioning nasal cavity 😉 and contains citral which you should definitely google!
  10. Grapefruit $22.04
    1. I put a drop of Grapefruit in my water every morning.  It’s helped boost my water consumption.
  11. Lemon $14.80
    1. Taken internally, lemon is an excellent source of d-limonene, believed to support a healthy immune system.  It’s also a go to oil for my water.  I use it to remove sticky residue off walls and  it works great on crayons!
  12. Peppermint $28.29
    1. This is my favorite oil.  I use it when I feel as if my head will explode. I put one drop underneath my nose mixed with some Peppermint oil.  I also rub it on my belly to promote a well functioning digestive system.
  13. Palmarosa – $25.99
    1. Again, one of my favorite calming oils.  I rub it on my chest, or inhale it by placing a few drops in my palms and breathing them in.
  14. Tea Tree – $34.21
    1. This promotes a healthy, clean scalp in the kiddos if you catch my drift!  Plus, I could not live without this oil in my daily skin routine.   I also mix Tea Tree and Lemon and spray spiders with it and all my windows, so that spiders leave me alone!
  15. Orange – $14.14
    1. Orange in water, orange in Blue Moon, Orange in perfume, Orange on my toothpaste since it helps brighten your smile!
  16. Lemon Sandalwood Bar Soap -$13.49
    1. the lemon essential oil in lemon sandalwood soap has clarifying properties to thoroughly clean the skin, while sandalwood combats dryness.  I use this every single morning!
  17. KidScents Sleepyize – $22.04
    1. Mix with coconut oil and apply to kid’s feet and chest for a calming and restful night 😉
  18. Cypress – $25.33
    1. Grounding, calming, good for focusing
  19. Dragon Time Bath & Shower Gel $26.64
    1. Perfect body wash for that time of the month.  It contains Mandarin and Lavender and smells SO GOOD!
  20. Grounding $22.04
    1. Another one I love to pieces.  I use it at school to relax, and not get so stressed out.  Stress management is key to life!


How to Sign up!

Sign up here!  It is preselected to Wholesale (Premium Starter Kit).  If you don’t want that, select retail/customer and select your individual oils!  Here is the Young Living Product Guide for you convenience!

My Sign-up link:  Just be sure to choose Retail or Wholesale depending on what you are looking to purchase.  If you want to grab a kit, I would sign up here:


If you just want to purchase oils individually you can use this link:



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