Week 1 Whole 30 Roundup

 I’m officially 7 days down in the Whole30 and beginning Day 8!  In an IG post I did yesterday, I stated that Days 4-6 are the hardest/worst.  That is then followed by Days 13-17.

The Whole30 is definitely  not for everybody, but at the same time it is for everybody.  For 30 days you cut out all the crap, and for brevity’s sake only eat protein, fruits, and veggies (a little nuts, healthy fats, and seasonings galore).  After 30 days, you are supposed to slowly reintroduce the other foods you cut out, to see what your body is sensitive to.  Of course, that is not always the case.  The first Whole30 I did, I binge ate pizza and probably sushi the second I finished day 30 (oh goodness, those still sound fantastic!).  The second whole30, I think I did a better job, but I know I reintroduced alcohol pronto, because wine + law school are necessities.   What I have discovered from Whole30 is that dairy products irritate my gut, as does alcohol (hahah).

I highly recommend following some sort of meal plan the first week of Whole30 so that meal planning does not get overwhelming or complicated.  I followed the Whole30 Cookbook’s 7 day meal plan with some alterations, and I really liked it!  It is even going to last me a few more days, since all the serving portions in that cookbook are for 2, but I bought enough for 4-6 for some meals.   Some of the meals were more basic than I would have liked.  That basic aspect is great for the first whole30 you do.  Seriously…keep it simple.  For someone who eats paleo much more frequently and has done the whole30 a few times around, basic can be boring.

 I also recommend bagging up some easy snacks to take with you.  Snacks I love are:

  • Nick’s Sticks (Iowa based turkey and beef jerky!)
  • Epic Bars
  • Dried Fruit
  • Hardboiled Eggs
  • Fruit
  • Veggies
  • Trader Joe’s Plantain Chips.  (with guac, with salsa, by itself).

 The first week of whole30 can be brutal from the hours of 3-5pm.  I felt like I was starving, which is completely dramatic, since it was just my body asking me to give it the sugar, starches, and crap I had been putting into it.  Snacks can help save you from that.

 The first week is also where your body can’t believe you would subject it to such torture as to eat healthy! Days 1-3 are always easy for me.  I’m super pumped to be meal planning and to eat whole, good things.  Days 4, well it all hits the fan.  This whole30 I had sugar cravings like you wouldn’t believe. That was the first time this had happened to me.  I wanted Chewy Sprees, cupcakes, AND CHOCOLATE OMG.   I still had my usual cravings of a warm French Loaf with melted butter.  But the sugar craving was something I had never really had.

Day 4 was just dealing with this adaptation of my body.  Craving all the things, but still feeling pretty good.

Day 5 I became an angry elf.  I was short-tempered, and just wanted to nap at all hours of the day.   My energy levels were terrible.  I went to the gym with my fiance, and ran a mile on the treadmill and was pooped.  So, then I stalked him around the gym like a wet puppy, which was clearly annoying to him.  Oops.  I think I tried to give him puppy dog eyes to get him to take me home.  (The gym is a block from where we live, but it’s Iowa winter and it’s cold, and snowy, and cold….).  Anyways this is how I feel I looked like:

 Day 6 was rough.  I was also short tempered.   I came home from work and only wanted to Netflix and Chill.

Day 7 I felt fabulous!  My energy levels were normal, I wasn’t moody or short-tempered.  We went to pick out the tuxes for the groom and groomsmen for the wedding, then to try on wedding bands.  It was such a fun day, and my fiance rewarded me with Chipotle!  Hello compliant salad!!

I had a lot of REALLY good meals this week.  I also failed at making Paleo Mayo TWICE.  Which is terribly sad, because whole30 mayo is the best and it sucks when it goes to waste.  I had one batch become halfway redeemable, but it’s still not the perfection it should be.   There will be a blog post about this soon.

 Some of my favorite meals this week were:

  • Brined Pork Chops with an Apple Sage Sauce from Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook (this cookbook is AWESOME!  But not everything is whole30 compliant). 
  • Perfect Baked Salmon from the Whole30 Cookbook 
  • Tomato and Kale Frittata adapted from the Whole30 Cookbook 
  • Rosemary and Olive Oil Roasted Potato Fries. 

That’s all for this blog post.  Just a reminder: I’m giving away a bottle of Thieves Cleaner to two people who grab a Premium Starter Kit this month! Learn more here: THIEVES CLEANER GIVEAWAY!

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Buy a Premium Starter Kit in January Receive A Bottle of Thieves Cleaner

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Thieves Cleaner is literally the greatest Young Living Product of all time.  This is an all purpose cleaner! It’s made with 100% plant‐ and mineral‐based ingredients, including:

– Vegetable‐based surfactants like alkyl polyglucoside that are compliant with Green Seal and EPA Design for Environment (DfE) standards
-Biodegradable cutting agents like sodium methyl 2‐sulfolaurate and disodium 2‐sulfolaurate from renewable sources (both ingredients rated 0 on a 10 point scale on the Environmental Working Group’s health hazard score – which is the best score possible)
– Therapeutic‐grade Thieves and Lemon essential oils (the highest quality and purity essential oils) for natural cleaning

It stretches forever.  My average bottle lasts 3 months because you so heavily dilute it!  So far, I’ve used Thieves Cleaner for:

  • laundry detergent
  • dish detergent
  • window cleaner
  • all-purpose cleaner
  • Tub-Scrub
  • Stain Remover

I live in an apartment that was not cleaned very well when we moved in.  My bathtub had this weird pink film on the floor that would not come up with normal soap and water.  I took 1 capful of thieves cleaner, 5 drops Lemon, 5 drops Thieves, 1/4 cup of baking soda and some water, and went to town on the pink tub.  IT IS NOW BACK TO WHITE!  And of course, I don’t have pictures.  WAHHH.

Seriously – you need this product!  I cannot wait to gift it to you!


Intentional in 2016

One of the millions of things that I love about my journey in essential oils is that it brought me closer to God.  My team, and my community, place HIM at the front and center, and it’s so cool that I’ve found a community of people who pray for success, and acknowledge how important faith is in our business.

We’re doing this 21 Days of Prayer series in one of my oily groups.  It’s so wonderful.  Monique McLean is a wonderful leader in Young Living, and She’s the one leading it.  You should follow her on all the social media for her joy, humor, and faith!

21-Days-Ad-01So, the main gist is to pray and establish that you have to depend on the Lord for your success.  I firmly believe that if God isn’t with me on this journey, then I shouldn’t do it.  Yet, the Lord has blessed me so abundantly, with an oil business I NEVER imagined would exist.  The relationships I have formed on my team not only glorify God, but they also have been the most positive and gratifying group in my life.  In general, this company is so wonderful.  The 21 Days Of Prayer will help me to actively pray for my downline and to continue to give it to Him! ❤️. Follow along at http://www.youinfuse.com

For me, 2016 is all about being more intentional in my faith.   I want to do devotionals daily, to do a monthly bible study, and to just surround myself with things that only build up my relationship with Christ.   I just want my life to be intentional and to exemplify Christ in all that I do.  This verse is my “challenge” in 2016: 

Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” So we say with confidence, “The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?”  Hebrews 13:5-6 (NIV) 

Wowza.  I love this verse!

Here are 4 things that I’m utilizing in 2016 to be more intentional in my faith:  


  1. Women in the Word and other online bible studies from SheReadsTruth
  2. Savor Devotional by Shauna Niquist.  It reminds me of sitting down for dinner with an old friend and receiving grace and Jesus.
  3. Jesus Calling Devotional.  This came highly recommended by a friend, and so far, I’m enjoying the way in which it is written.
  4. More Christian Books!  Currently reading Interrupted by Jen Hatmaker.  Jen is hilarious AND this book is wrecking me chapter by chapter.

Here are some of my Intentional Goals for 2016:

  1. Read at least 1 Devotional Daily
  2. Do a monthly bible study – be it SheReadsTruth, Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies, or on my own
  3. Pray more
  4. Examine my relationships and make sure that they only build up my relationship with Christ, don’t make me unglued, and make me a better being.
  5. Pray for my downline, uplines, and crosslines at YL
  6. Continue preparing for marriage with Andrew and to remember Christ as the center.

Whole 30 Day 2

I’ve found in my few whole 30s that the first 3 days are “easy.”  Not easy, as in I have no cravings, but easy in that I’m excited to try new foods and to meal prep.   Meals are a treat, and not yet a chore.

I’m really liking the 7 Day Meal Plan from the Whole 30 Cookbook.  I’ve made some changes to fit my style (er…I forgot to buy Basil at the store, so won’t be making Pesto, but will make some vinaigrette instead). Also, vinaigrette is a hard word to spell.   One downside to the cookbook is that it doesn’t include a shopping list for the meal plan.  Not a big deal since you can search the whole30 forums for one.  Another downside, is that this meal plan is expensive.  It’s more than I’m accustomed to spending for groceries *BUT* worth it in the fact that I will stick to it and eat my leftovers.  The groceries will also likely stretch for more like 8-10 days since I sometimes doubled things or bought more than the 2 servings required for the recipe.

All I know, if my last 2-3 Whole 30s are any sign, Day 4-7 I will kill for hot, buttery, bread.  Just thinking about it now is making me salivate!
Here’s a recap of my meals today:
M1: Southwestern Scramble

  M2: Perfect Protein Salad (Basically, lettuce, paleo mayo w/ ranch seasoning, canned, organic chicken (TJ’s!), and any veggies you so desire).

M3: Spaghetti Squash with Tomato Sauce and Perfect Ground Beef – I made Italian Sausage.   Truth be told, I’m not the biggest fan of Spaghetti Squash, but I do really like the recipe from the Whole30 Cookbook.  Also – Ghee fixes everything.


Anyways – I’m feeling good.  My long term goals are to lose weight and feel fabulous by March 12, the day I get married.  I don’t consider myself overweight or fat by any means.  I just want to lose 5-10 pounds and build more muscle!

I’ve recently committed to the ONEChallenge.  This means I’m committing to 1,000 miles this year, walking or running.  Treadmill miles I’m at about 6.  994 miles to go!  It’s from an oily group I’m in.  My workouts are usually consistently inconsistent.  I am *usually* pretty good about working out 4 days a week, but lately it seems like I’m lucky if I get 2 in.  I was doing a Bigger, Faster, Stronger Program with my fiance, and got my squats up to 145, which I was really excited about.  I’m also halfway to a real, unassisted pull-up!  BFS got to be a bit much on my joints since it is lifting 4 days a week, and maxing out.  So, we’re currently reformulating my workout to involve half an hour of cardio (3 miles!) and half an hour of weightlifting! Woohoo! 1917386_1662067887399202_3647732446880777974_n

Whole 30 Round 3

With 68 days to go until wedding date, and 2 days late, I have started my THIRD Whole30.  You know, the eating and life plan that sounds INSANE at first, but then when you do it, you can’t stop talking about how amazing you feel, how much better you look, and just HOW GREAT IT IS! 

 Here are the rules: Whole30 Program
I also created a blog post on my favorite Whole30 things a while back (it’s ugly and I’m sorry): RESOURCES

SO…January 3, Day 1….

I am following the 7 Day Meal Plan from the Whole30 Cookbook for the first 7 days, so today was a day of simple eating, grocery shopping, and meal prep.   I LOVE my Whole30 Cookbook!! 

 I made a protein salad, tomato sauce, and ranch dressing.  I’m actually going to live on the wild side and make my frittata in the morning, because that is just how I roll. 

 For breakfast I had a fried egg, some sauteed summer squash, and pomegranate seeds. It was wonderfully simple. 

 For lunch, I had Nick’s Sticks and an Orange.  Nick’s Sticks are an Iowa local treat. I  love the spicy flavors of the jerky and the simple ingredient list!

For dinner – it was a late, rushed one – I had two Aidell’s Chicken Apple Sausages, and another orange.  I like oranges.  I probably need more greens.  Oh well.  Day 2 is tomorrow.

One thing I’m super excited about?  

  The fact that I didn’t have any Thyme, and was able to use 1 drop of Thyme Essential Oil in my pasta sauce.   I did the same thing and added a drop of Dill to my Ranch Dressing!  Want to learn more about essential oils?  Go here: What the Heck are Essential Oils?

Let me know if you have questions and be sure to follow my adventures over at @youngwholeessential on Instagram! 

COTM Group 107!

Hey ladies!  This post is for the members of COTM Group 107! Please let me know if you have any questions!

First things first, a good overview of Essential Oils and what they are can be found at my team’s website/class http://www.essentiallyoils.info/oils-101.  The password is in the facebook group 🙂  Hover over the picture for information and click to move on to the next “lesson”.  The class focuses on some of the more popular oils which are included in the Premium Starter Kit.


There are 2 ways to purchase oils:

  1. Retail – with retail you can purchase individual oils and do not need to commit to a kit purchase.  This may be the best option for you guys since we are a $25 dollar group!
  2. Wholesale/Member – You must purchase a kit, but you forever get 24% off Young Living products, and access to a wonderful community of oilers.  I also send you the Happy Oils Handbook, an 84 page e-book filled with recipes, testimonials, and tons of information.


The Premium Starter Kit truly is the best deal.  11 oils, a diffuser, samples, product guides and literature, Ningxia Samples, the Happy Oiler Handbook (my gift to you), and a wonderful facebook community (it’s like a party every single day) for $160. 


The Premium Starter Kit has a retail value of $343, but you can get it for $160.


It comes with a high quality diffuser (you can pick your own!).  I diffuse Lavender and Cedarwood nightly to promote restful sleep, and I diffuse Purification when I’m cleaning to zap smells and clean the air!10983164_10205937048483554_8836941244135771639_n

Here’s a brief overview of the oils in the PSK and then I will recommend my favorite top 20 oils in the group’s price range if you would rather purchase as retail!


Thieves – the healthy-keeper. It helps kill airborne yuckies, boosts immunity, makes our digestive systems work their best, and is just the greatest.

Purification – gets rid of bad odors and airborne germs. feels amazing rubbed on the outside of your throat. I love it in our laundry!

Copaiba – supports body’s response to injury/irritation, is a driving oil (enhances other oils!), regulates my natural immune responses, can be soothing, promotes youthful appearance from the inside out

Frankincense – Incredible for my skin and immune system, eases occasional and minor tension/anxiety, promotes feelings of calmness and balance (Was given to baby Jesus as a gift. Rad!) 🎉

RC – contains 3 different kids of eucalyptus which have naturally occurring eucalyptol (really good stuff), inspires and uplifts before working out, creates a comforting environment

DiGize – supports a super healthy digestive system, alleviates nausea and upset/sour stomach, great for occasional irregularity or upset tummies, relief from occasional heartburn

Lemon – naturally highlights hair, maintains energy levels, helps oily skin, calluses, cellulite, detoxing your body. The works!

Stress Away – exactly what it says. We roll it onto our wrists and the back of our necks anytime we want it.

Peppermint – helps me enjoy springtime outdoors, Soothes occasional head discomfort, supports digestive system, promotes proper nasal and respiratory function! I’m obsessed.

Panaway – so many types of relief. Helps with occasional head discomfort, everyday joint and muscle soreness, and that time o’ month cramp suckiness.

Lavender – “the Swiss Army knife of essential oils.” We use it for enjoying the springtime outdoors. great for relaxation, sleepy cream, a calm environment for kids & grownups alike.


Don’t want to purchase a kit?  That’s okay! You can sign up as a retail member and I can add you to the Fresh Slice Facebook group so that you can learn more fun stuff about oils! 


A List of 20 oils/YL Products for about $25 dollars or less and what I recommend them for:

  1. Lavender – $30.92
    1. Perfect for creating a calming environment.  You can rub it on your chest or on your kid’s feet to get them to wind down at night.  It’s also great at soothing skin and smells so wonderful in a linen spray (Water + 15-20 drops of lavender)
  2. Cedarwood – $14.80
    1. Also great for a calming environment and has much the same uses as lavender.  It smells woodsy! You can also add it to shampoo or mascara to promote hair growth!  (1 drop per ounce)
  3. Awaken – $26.97
    1. It does what you think it does! I like to rub it on my wrists, and on the back of my neck to get moving in the morning!
  4. Purification – $24.67
    1. I LOVE THIS OIL.  I put a few drops on a damp washcloth and dry it with towels.  It prevents that musty smell, and makes it all smell so good.  You can also use it to get rid of stink in shoes.  Place a few drops on a cotton ball and put in shoes overnight.
  5. R.C. -$13.49
    1. This is an invigorating blend that includes Cypress, Spruce, and three varieties of Eucalyptus, that is comforting when applied to the chest and throat.  Perfect oil for boosting immunity with school being back in session
  6. Breathe Again Roll On – $28.62
    1. Comes in a convenient roll on bottle and can be applied to the chest and neck.  Perfect for those stuffy, seasonal times of the year!
  7. Thieves Household Cleaner – $28.95
    1. Concentrated cleaning formula with 100% plant and mineral based ingredients. I LOVE MY THIEVES CLEANER.  I’ve had it for 3 months, and you only use it a capful at a time.  It stretches forever.  I’ve since replaced all conventional cleaner, laundry detergents, and dish soaps.  Instead I use Thieves.  Also.  It smells like Christmas.   It can get wine out of carpet, and so much more!
  8. Fennel – $22.70
    1. Supports women’s health, and a healthy digestive system.  Also supports breastfeeding.
  9. Eucalyptus Radiata – $24.34
    1. I put 5 drops on my shower floor every morning.  It makes my bathroom smell fabulous, helps with a well functioning nasal cavity 😉 and contains citral which you should definitely google!
  10. Grapefruit $22.04
    1. I put a drop of Grapefruit in my water every morning.  It’s helped boost my water consumption.
  11. Lemon $14.80
    1. Taken internally, lemon is an excellent source of d-limonene, believed to support a healthy immune system.  It’s also a go to oil for my water.  I use it to remove sticky residue off walls and  it works great on crayons!
  12. Peppermint $28.29
    1. This is my favorite oil.  I use it when I feel as if my head will explode. I put one drop underneath my nose mixed with some Peppermint oil.  I also rub it on my belly to promote a well functioning digestive system.
  13. Palmarosa – $25.99
    1. Again, one of my favorite calming oils.  I rub it on my chest, or inhale it by placing a few drops in my palms and breathing them in.
  14. Tea Tree – $34.21
    1. This promotes a healthy, clean scalp in the kiddos if you catch my drift!  Plus, I could not live without this oil in my daily skin routine.   I also mix Tea Tree and Lemon and spray spiders with it and all my windows, so that spiders leave me alone!
  15. Orange – $14.14
    1. Orange in water, orange in Blue Moon, Orange in perfume, Orange on my toothpaste since it helps brighten your smile!
  16. Lemon Sandalwood Bar Soap -$13.49
    1. the lemon essential oil in lemon sandalwood soap has clarifying properties to thoroughly clean the skin, while sandalwood combats dryness.  I use this every single morning!
  17. KidScents Sleepyize – $22.04
    1. Mix with coconut oil and apply to kid’s feet and chest for a calming and restful night 😉
  18. Cypress – $25.33
    1. Grounding, calming, good for focusing
  19. Dragon Time Bath & Shower Gel $26.64
    1. Perfect body wash for that time of the month.  It contains Mandarin and Lavender and smells SO GOOD!
  20. Grounding $22.04
    1. Another one I love to pieces.  I use it at school to relax, and not get so stressed out.  Stress management is key to life!


How to Sign up!

Sign up here!  It is preselected to Wholesale (Premium Starter Kit).  If you don’t want that, select retail/customer and select your individual oils!  Here is the Young Living Product Guide for you convenience! http://issuu.com/youngliving/docs/2015_productguide_online?e=0/9772315

My Sign-up link:  Just be sure to choose Retail or Wholesale depending on what you are looking to purchase.  If you want to grab a kit, I would sign up here: https://youngwholeessential.com/get-started-with-essential-oils/the-premium-starter-kit-2/


If you just want to purchase oils individually you can use this link: https://www.youngliving.com/vo/#/signup/start?site=US&sponsorid=2721304&enrollerid=2721304